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Surely Wine

Surely Sparkling Rose

Surely Sparkling Rose

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This sparkling non-alcoholic rosé is perfect for late night drinks and hangover-free mornings. Unlike other non-alcoholic brands that sell grape juice in a wine bottle, Surely works with only the best Sonoma winemakers to make real rosé. Then takes this rose and run it through a patented technology process to remove the alcohol from this top tier wine. The end result? A non-alcoholic wine that tastes just like the real thing.

Flavor Profile: crisp and refreshing taste that's not too sweet. Considered a semi-dry that leans closer on the dryer side. What's Inside: Made with only the best grapes from California and natural ingredients. Gluten-Free, Vegan- and Keto-friendly. Serving Size: Each bottle is 24 fluid ounces and contains 3 servings (8 fluid ounces per serving).

How to Enjoy: Ready to drink! 

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