When did Point 5 open?

Point 5 was established in 2022 and has been proudly selling non-alcoholic delights to RVA ever since!

Is Point 5 locally owned?

YES! Point is an entirely locally owned and operated store founded by Jody Sidle. If you are looking to support local, consider stopping by our convenient Carytown location!

Can Point 5 staff help answer questions I have about non-alcoholic products?

Yes, absolutely! One of the foundations of our store is the desire to educate our customer base on our products and purpose. Whether you are new to the NA lifestyle or have been sampling AF products for years, stop by our store to learn more. We can help!

Does Point 5 host events?

Yes! We host a variety of events from Mixology courses to office events to festival staffing. We are continuing to expand our events offerings each month! Take a look at our Events page for more information or to contact our store about planning an upcoming event!

Why are non-alcoholic products still just as expensive as alcoholic products?

Great question! Many of our customers wonder why our non-alcoholic products are so expensive compared to their alcoholic counterparts. The non-alcoholic products we sell still contain the same types of ingredients as alcoholic products and require the same degree of effort to craft (if not more to either remove the alcohol as an additional step or to create innovative ways to replicate familiar flavors) as other drinks. Alcohol is often one of the least expensive components of a beverage, as all of the other delicious flavors, labor, and more that go into a drink take time and effort to curate. Quality ingredients incur quality prices, and our suppliers always strive to produce only the best of the best.