Point 5 Richmond Virginia

Point 5 is Richmond’s first standalone non-alcoholic bottle shop featuring specialty beverages and mixers for sober curious and regular drinkers. Carrying an array of well known national brands and sophisticated imported options, Point 5 has what you need to experiment with new and familiar flavors. Satisfy the ritual of making a classic cocktail to pair with a delicious meal or to drink with good company without the alcohol. Point 5 carries a variety of beverages that feel, taste, and smell just like your favorite alcoholic beverages yet contain less than 0.5% alcohol (and many are actually good for you!)

Unlike alcohol, functional spirits have ingredients that can enhance your mood, improve your memory, help your body process stress, and support cognitive functions. Many of these ingredients provide that relaxing feeling you get after the first few sips of alcohol, but leave you able to function with all the fun and none of the regret.
People may choose not to drink or minimize their alcohol intake for many reasons. Point 5 is a safe space where your choices aren’t questioned. We are focused on educating people on ways to curate delicious adult beverages that still allow you to stay present and remember every moment of time well spent with loved ones.
Visit us at 3435 W. Cary St to explore the endless alcohol free options.
Life is wonderful AF.