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Dhos Gin Free

Dhos Gin Free

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The aroma presents vibrant essences of fresh pine, juniper berries, dried citrus, candied lemon, fresh spearmint, chalk, and wet earth. Dhōs Gin Free offers the unique combination of hot and cooling sensations on the palate, starting with warming spice and fading to a refreshing menthol and licorice root on the finish. There is a coriander and fennel seed spice and intensity in the aroma that fades to flavors of wintergreen and spearmint that persist on the palate in a traditional gin influenced fashion. This tasty non-alcoholic spirit leaves a balanced combination of spice and earth influenced flavors reminiscent of traditional Gin and leaves the palate inspired to take another sip.

Size: 750ml.

How to Enjoy: Use your favorite gin cocktail recipe and sub with Dhos Gin Free!

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