Mindful Drinking for the Holidays

Learning more about what it means to incorporate thoughtful alcohol consumption into our daily lives this holiday season.

A mindful drinking event hosted in-store at Point 5 RVA

With the end-of-year celebrations just around the corner, our lives are constantly filled with the never-ending stream of festivities and traditions that make this month special. With that said, we all feel a variety of emotions connected with this festive season that deserve some reflection. For those of you approaching this round of festivities with a sober-curious mindset, we want you to know that you are not alone! This holiday season is a wonderful time to spend with friends, family, and a newfound mindful drinking outlook on life.

Mindful drinking is more than “being sober.” In fact, mindful drinking doesn’t have to mean being sober at all–it is simply a self-aware approach to the way we consume alcohol in the pursuit of achieving our own milestones. Mindful drinking could mean decreasing alcohol consumption; shifting the time, place, or circumstances under which we normally drink to something new and better; factoring our alcohol consumption into our health goals; stopping altogether; or any other combination of factors that help us become happier with ourselves and our consumption habits. What mindful drinking means to you may be different from your friends, and we can all approach the topic with different thoughts or questions, hence the name “sober-curious” to encapsulate the mindful drinking movement in all of its forms. Looking for some more information? Check out some quick reads about mindful drinking. 

Quick Reads on the Mindful Drinking and the Sober-Curious Movement

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Why Retail And Hospitality Players Must Catch Up To The Sober Curious Movement Forbes article on the sober-curious movement taking the retail and hospitality industries by storm

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Richmond Area Resources

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